*SOLD OUT* Nekromantik! Officially licensed 'Corpse' and 'Dead Head' 45mm and 55mm Enamel pin set special! *SOLD OUT* - limited to just 20!* Enamel Pins

This item isn't currently available.

*SOLD OUT* Special super limited edition double pack of our 'Corpse' and 'Dead Head' enamel pins, presented in a box - just 20 available!

Our Officially Licensed Nekromantik 'Corpse' and 'Dead Head' enamel pins are available for pre-order now individually, and the initial run is limited to just 100 in total! Delivery is expected late February. As a special offer, you can purchase this special double set, presented in a box, with some extras!

We are really happy to announce that we have once again joined up with Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik director) and Manfred Jelinski (Nekromantik producer) to produce this small range of limited edition officially licensed Nekromantik enamel pin badges; the first and only in existence.

As an extra treat, 5 of these pins will randomly be sent out with an A4 print of our t-shirt design, signed by Jörg himself!